Letter from the President

Dear Friend of East Beach:                                                                                                                                                                             November 2018

These Watch Hillites who love their beach took one look at it on Monday A.M. and  saw what the weekend crowds had left behind; they got the message, too, and went into action.

              - Seaside Topics, The Watchbird August 16, 1968

Fifty years later we are still in action on the beach and stronger than ever.  2017 saw a record total of donations to the organization and our “rainy day” fund - accumulated and wisely invested over the decades thanks to the consistent generosity of our community including folks like you – has grown to over $500,000.  As always, the annual beach party to honor our generous donors was a resounding success and a highlight of the season for many, with a special appearance by the “mystery object” (yes – still a mystery but no longer front page news).  The Directors are fully engaged and, without exception for quite some time, dutifully serve their full two terms.  My fellow officers and I were just re-elected for another term – my 7th year as President and 13th year as a Director and Denise’s 9th year as treasurer (for which I am very grateful).  Steve Iacoi just completed his 9th season overseeing our beach operations and never has any problems finding good, hard-working local youth to fill the seasonal positions.  These are the ingredients key to the success of the EBA mission.     

Once again, it was another busy summer on the beach.  The crew continued business as usual with daily litter patrols, installation of snow fencing, early-season beach grass planting, removal of driftwood and periodic beach counts.  Earlier this fall, in conjunction with the Weekapaug Surfcasters and Humans for the Future, about two dozen volunteers took part in a beach cleanup.  As always, we will continue to monitor happenings in Westerly town government as they might pertain to the East Beach and will be involved as and when necessary.  Also, in the coming years we will look to become an integral part of a broader, pro-active approach to addressing the effects of sea-level rise on our community.    

This is the first and only correspondence you will receive in 2018 from the EBA.  Thank you to those who donated so generously in 2017 and those who have donated thus far this year.  I also want to take this opportunity to ask for the support of those who have yet to donate this year.  We rely completely upon your support to cover our annual operating budget, now set for the coming year at $72,000.  All donations – large and small – are very much welcome and appreciated.  

Thank you in advance for your continued generosity to the EBA.  I wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays and a happy new year.  See you on the beach.


 Peter J. Brockmann, President      

Photo credit: Lydia MacLear

Photo credit: Lydia MacLear